The Spoonbill Generator

Carefulness Begets Sincerity

A poem's frail corpse is like a tree [Kansas Sam]

But don't take the analogy too far [Beefy]

It's collapse is for us, so morbid a death [keith c]

And the crocodilian embalmer sheds his tear [Kansas Sam]

The night hit the wind like a tick on an ear [Nathan]

Of corn kissed by nature's sweet breath [Kansas Sam]

So eerie this wind I feel a quick fear [keith c]

The corpse of the poem's no stranger to me [Beefy]

Its corpse stands straight until it's felled [Kansas Sam]

Pulled down by critique and rebutal [keith c]

Its thoughts frozen, prone, unanswering [Kansas Sam]

Its prose shortened, aunts are intoning [Beefy]

Contributors: Kansas Sam, Beefy, keith c, Nathan.
Poem finished: 17th April 2003.