The Spoonbill Generator

When Did Gingersnaps Vanish From Human Knowledge?

I took a penguin on the tram [fatty]

That circles both the Poles [Roland]

No track: I rode his back; he swam [Kansas Sam]

Too many icy holes: [Roland]

Poor thing: a shame; my blame, these roles [Kansas Sam]

Unticketed, through some mishap [loaf]

The polar bear was fined [fatty]

No stub: that was the rub; big flap [Kansas Sam]

No little axe to grind [Roland]

He growled, I howled; we bears: confined [Kansas Sam]

in shadow, under Northern Lights [Roland]

I squinted as he read [Kansas Sam]

From the poets now long dead [keith c]

Oh fie! the scheme's awry; by rights [Beefy]

This poem's end is said [Kansas Sam]

The penguin and the bear curtail [keith c]

Their circumpolar tour [Beefy]

The net: a safer bet; email [Kansas Sam]

Will leave them looking dour [Beefy]

For tis said the tram will fail [keith c]

But, drat!--their mouse is frozen stiff [Kansas Sam]

The penguin's on the mat [Beefy]

The bear his hair now in a quiff [keith c]

Has found a cricket bat [fester]

But whack: no tack to solve their tiff [Kansas Sam]

A circus this, a theatre of the arcane [keith c]

That no-one views unscathed [Beefy]

For the absurdity and the abstruse [keith c]

Oh piss! Another miss: what use [Beefy]

A Polar bear that raved [keith c]

Contributors: fatty, Roland, Kansas Sam, loaf, keith c, Beefy, fester.
Poem finished: 9th April 2003.