The Spoonbill Generator

Tendentious Reassurances

Another thousand syllables [Roland]

Strewn about the lawn, trippingly [Kansas Sam]

Delighting passers-by, dawdling [Beefy]

Until the doggy odoriferousness, choking [Kansas Sam]

Reduces the throng to a trickle [Beefy]

And a muckle becomes just a mickle [fatty]

Another mickle of plosives [Kansas Sam]

Plastered by the pool, petulant [Beefy]

Bedeviling bystanders, blathering [Kansas Sam]

Until the titular Terpsichorean, twirling [Beefy]

Dances them dumb with derision [Kansas Sam]

And profusion becomes just provision [Beefy]

Contributors: Roland, Kansas Sam, Beefy, fatty.
Poem finished: 28th March 2003.