The Spoonbill Generator


It be not hard to speaketh like the Bard [Kansas Sam]

only impossible if you keep to your yard [casey]

Speling, however, is anothyr mater [Beefy]

when writing akin to Walter Pater [clever]

Oar Mornington Crescent, not sooner butt latter [Kansas Sam]

Forsooth, poor Will did try so hard [keith c]

Yet Burnsy plaid love's reddest card [Kansas Sam]

While cryeing tears lyke to allygater [Beefy]

With onion in hand, not potater [fatty]

His lines all now a ruined shard [keith c]

Contributors: Kansas Sam, casey, Beefy, clever, keith c, fatty.
Poem finished: 20th March 2003.