The Spoonbill Generator

Hidden By Hygiene Fairies

If only these kids knew what I [Kansas Sam]

Had furtively placed in their pie [Roland]

They'd never complain [Beefy]

Or express such disdain [p]

When poisoning passes them by [Roland]

If only these kids knew the price [P]

Of pardoning popular vice [Roland]

They'd surely refrain [P]

When mentioning Cain [Roland]

And wear a fresh latex device [Kansas Sam]

If only these kids knew that you [fester]

Had fed them a porcupine stew [Kansas Sam]

They'd surely cry: "God! [Beefy]

You're an evil old sod - [fester]

You'll get needled inside the next brew!" [Kansas Sam]

If only the kids of today [Beefy]

Would just pack and move far away [fester]

They'd make our hearts sing [Beefy]

Mendelssohn's "Song of Spring" [Kansas Sam]

And we'd whoop with joy every day [fester]

If only these kids knew that we [Kansas Sam]

Would murder them all happily [fester]

They'd save their pale skins [Kansas Sam]

From adults dire whims [keith c]

By hatching their own hatchet spree [Kansas Sam]

These kids they would then gruesomely [keith c]

Take turns at the hole in the tree [Beefy]

But latex won't stop [Kansas Sam]

Till their gonads go pop [Beefy]

And I'm stuck picking up the debris [Kansas Sam]


Contributors: Kansas Sam, Roland, Beefy, p, P, fester, keith c, Anon..
Poem finished: 18th March 2003.