The Spoonbill Generator

Mountainous Piques

What God did on the seventh day [Roland]

Is now revealed! The Daily Star [P]

With ace reporters in its pay [loaf]

And bribes for angels who will say [P]

God clipped his nails and played guitar [Kansas Sam]

He tried to strum a merry tune [rainbowz]

But broke a string! The Daily said [Kansas Sam]

That Chaos had arrived too soon [Roland]

('Twas only Sunday afternoon) [Beefy]

So God said "Damn!" and went to bed [Anon.]

But Chaos, when He rose again [Kansas Sam]

Confounded Him. The daily round [Beefy]

Of winding string and wounding ten [Kansas Sam]

While harking to the sons of men [Beefy]

Each daily deafened by His sound [Kansas Sam]

Proved too much strain. He cried aloud: [Beefy]

"Oh bugger it! The daily round [AGJ]

Of purging the infernal cloud [Roland]

Of everything that's not allowed [P]

Will leave no God to kick around" [Kansas Sam]

"I wish I hadn't started this [P]

Confoundingness!" The Daily then [Kansas Sam]

reported "GOD HAS GONE AMISS!" [rainbowz]

And pages of analysis [P]

Will answer such dire questions when [keith c]

Hell freezes and there's boundless time [Beefy]

For rhyme online. The daily spiel [Kansas Sam]

It's classified ad's now all in verse [keith c]

A fitting crime for those who curse [Beefy]

A little Chaos: no big deal [Kansas Sam]

Contributors: Roland, P, loaf, Kansas Sam, rainbowz, Beefy, Anon., AGJ, keith c.
Poem finished: 11th March 2003.