The Spoonbill Generator

Dead, Undone, Unmeasured

Naked, dripping, loins all soap and tension, I rise from the bath [ katrina]

And matron's hypodermic finds its target [ loaf]

Unerringly; I slide back into the suds [ Beefy]

Woozy and reeling, the darkness envelopes me [ kt]

In the distance i hear a childs voice singing softly [ calvin ]

Some lament for life behind grey walls [ loaf]

Behind grey walls, my rituals of meekness [ P]

Offer little in the way of stock dividends [ Barrymore's Ghost]

Unfortunately; I put down the magazine [ Beefy]

And listen to the fridge, vibrating [ P]

In the distance I see a kite dipping breezily [ Beefy]

A signal to unbind the thongs of wheat [ P]

Nature calls the wheat to wave, and thus we wave together [ Kansas Sam]

In our grove and growing tall, wearing short skirts of leather [ Beefty]

Waiting for the Autumn sunrise to shock our dreams [ Kansas Sam]

With visions none should see save alchemists [ Beefy]

In the distance I feel an earthy rumble [ Kansas Sam]

A harbinger of dancing years to come [Beefy]

My swollen clubfeet ache aloud with unfetished yearning [ Kansas Sam]

My tie becomes a snake, constricting [ Beefy]

Alchemic nightmares haunt my corporate daydreaming [ Kansas Sam]

Wisely, I realise the darkness is my friend [ Beefy]

The sole survivor of endurant entropy [Kansas Sam]

Where nakedness in no defence at all [Beefy]

Behind grey walls, the distance closes in [Kansas Sam]

Behind my eyes, my self tries to express [Beefy]

Instinctive dark visions, known before the joining [Kansas Sam]

Back when true happiness was not a dream [Beefy]

And the true mendacity of angels [P]

Boiled the clouds until perdition [keith c]

Contributors: katrina, loaf, Beefy, kt, calvin, P, Barrymore's Ghost, Kansas Sam, Beefty, keith c.
Poem finished: 7th March 2003.