The Spoonbill Generator

First Downtime

Emollient, conciliatory, I ventured [E Greejius]

soft and hopeful, through the field of lilacs [Nancy Sabatelli]

in soft-focus slo-mo [E Greejius]

the feel of grass beneath my feet [K. Haffner]

cool, damp, and refreshing [Karen Hawkins]

listen to the bees go about buzzin [Tiffany Bacote]

Little knowing what was coming [Beefy]

when up jumped tha v.c.; a.k. in hand. [keener]

I pondered the presence of a black-pajama-clad communist upon the Ipswich heath [Barrymore's Ghost]

I put it down to the seventh pint [Beefy]

of green tea that day [annika]

Although that didn't explain the pajamas [Grayman]

Or my feeling of exultation [P]

As I smack my bitch up [E Greenjius]

Emollient as ever, though I don't know why [P]

Green tea has that effect on me [Beefy]

Or why it sometimes doesn't [P]

I watch the pot, freezing unboiled time [Kansas Sam]

And the leaves no longer fall [P]

Hoedown fiddlers mock my Fred Astaireity [Kansas Sam]

Dancing to the Devil's timeless roundelays [Beefy]

Wondering aloud at orthogonal joy [Kansas Sam]

Of grass cushioning my barefoot feet [Beefy]

The dew spritzes my toejam, renewing its elegant sog [Kansas Sam]

And the tea that was green turns to brown [Beefy]

Contributors: E Greejius, Nancy Sabatelli, K. Haffner, Karen Hawkins, Tiffany Bacote, Beefy, keener, Barrymore's Ghost, annika, Grayman, P, E Greenjius, Kansas Sam.
Poem finished: 20th February 2003.