The Spoonbill Generator

Acrimony for Unknown Pontiffs

Doctrine of the spiral stair [Roland]

Veto of the final mayor [P]

Desperation, not despair [Roland]

Rituals of the broken queen [P]

Privateers in Plasticene [Roland]

Founders of the last latrine [P]

Homework of the anxious youth [Beefy]

Pitfalls in the road to truth [P]

Stumbling over neat vermouth [Beefy]

Rictus of the broken jar [P]

Shibboleth and samovar [Roland]

Kings with names like Balthazar [P]

Cattle under cactii dance [Kansas Sam]

Jewel and genie take their chance [loaf]

On fillagree and stolen glance [Kansas Sam]

Pilgrim to the cloistered lungs [(trad.)]

Barrel banger, banging bungs [Kansas Sam]

Speaking in outlandish tongues [Beefy]

Doctrine of the dead balloon [P]

Wizened violet, pale maroon [Kansas Sam]

Folly of the rich buffoon [P]

Rituals of the reborn tern [Kansas Sam]

Estimated tax return [P]

Scavenge bones of post-tax earn [Kansas Sam]

Silence of departed snow [Roland ]

Surfer wreckage under tow [Kansas Sam]

Applecart and afterglow [loaf]

Hunger for the ancient rite [Kansas Sam]

Is this the darkness or the light? [P]

Ignorance, or appetite? [Roland]

Puncture of the bedbug bite [Kansas Sam]

As old as time this ancient rite [keith c]

Drunken bug and shrunken night [Kansas Sam]

Staring at the doctor's spine [Beefy]

A lecture peals of hoisted stein [Kansas Sam]

Which is real, and which the sign? [P]

Contributors: Roland, P, Beefy, Kansas Sam, loaf, (trad.), keith c.
Poem finished: 20th February 2003.