The Spoonbill Generator

Control of Our Feet in Darkness

Moonlight softened the angry lines [Suzanne]

Of the railway whose unspent malice [P]

Dipped in illusory abeyance [Roland]

Lay concealed from the unwary [Grayman]

smirk of the Shunting-master. [Roland]

You wait for ages then three arrive - [dkb]

Umbrage dawns on the sober platform [Roland]

Territory is marked in one swift stride [P. Hilario]

This seat you say, is naught but mine [keith c]

And shall, by heaven, remain so [Grayman]

Creaking carriages filled with gloom [Beefy]

travel through the early moonlight [Renee Harris]

Rocking side to side all night [J. Leake]

With a destination that is unknown [Craig Corbett]

Uncontrollable as it seems, Somehow you will find the means. [H. Chandler]

Shuffling past the dour inspectors [Beefy]

I hear a voice unknown to me [melissa iacovacci]

"All Change". And decay? In all I see? [E Greejius]

The cold graves, too, know of decay, of darkness [Nancy Sabatelli]

A terminus after the Long Drag. [E Greejius]

Fierce wind blows in my face [K. Haffner]

Sucking the breath from my gut [Karen Hawkins]

I know this isn't the place for me [Tiffany Bacote]

I should have boarded at platform three [Grayman]

No possible return till Tuesday [Beefy]

Contributors: Suzanne, P, Roland, Grayman, dkb, P. Hilario, keith c, Beefy, Renee Harris, J. Leake, Craig Corbett, H. Chandler, melissa iacovacci, E Greejius, Nancy Sabatelli, K. Haffner, Karen Hawkins, Tiffany Bacote.
Poem finished: 7th February 2003.