The Spoonbill Generator

Herring Orphans of All Totnes

How horrid is the elephant [Apsley]

That screams from yonder shack [Roland ]

I might need an exterminant [Grayman]

To slug it on the back [Apsley]

Although it may be relevant [Beefy]

To claim my beard is black [loaf]

How squalid is the rigmarole [Grayman]

We hunters must endure [P]

I had to brun my parasol [Roland]

And sing an overture [P]

To snare the Collared Pratincole [loaf]

I met on Ilkley Moor [P]

Much anger, then, is soon set loose [Apsley]

Upon the saboteur [Beefy]

Whose head is in the silken noose [P]

The handcuffs lined with fur [Roland]

That agents plucked whenas the goose [Apsley]

Ran riot at Harfleur [Roland]

We hunters, though, are solemn folk [P]

As we set about our task [keith c]

We seek the pig but shun the poke [P]

Behind our earthly masks [Patricia Hilario]

We seldom laugh and never joke [P]

No matter who should ask [Roland]

Your mum! [dave]

Who really should know better [keith c]

Has come [Beefy]

(Along with Dr. Fetter) [Stacy Alexander]

to shun [Renee Harris]

everything with exception to the truth [Craig Corbett]

As only she can say [Stacy Alexander]

Lavishly I employ, All the things which bring me joy. [Holly Chandler]

Back and forth, forth and back, with my cymbals in a sack [Beefy]

I wait for their arrival [Jeissa Muriente]

Without fear for my survival [Beefy]

For this I know ,that in the end, it is just a faithful toy. [Melissa Iacovacci]

Contributors: Apsley, Roland, Grayman, Beefy, loaf, P, keith c, Patricia Hilario, dave, Stacy Alexander, Renee Harris, Craig Corbett, Holly Chandler, Jeissa Muriente, Melissa Iacovacci.
Poem finished: 5th February 2003.