The Spoonbill Generator

Peace Comes Drivelling

We were a million strong and growing [Stacy Alexander]

carrying signs, we were showing [melinda]

our aspirations - glowing? [E Greejius]

"No war in Iraq!" we cried [Stacy Alexander]

Then we bombed them all the same [harry]

(Youth and high spirits were to blame) [fester]

But was this done in your name? [Apsley]

Laugh? We nearly died. [Katy]

Our G'dubya is an idjut [Stacy Alexander]

Dim but malignant fidget [E Greejius]

The Gulf? He'd love to bridge it [Grayman]

To show Daddy how it's done [Beefy]

Blast them all to hell for "piece" [perry]

For are we men or are we meese [Jeannie Boniecki]

Who'll meet with this success or cease [Beefy]

Pretentious braggadocio [Grayman]

Better far to watch Saddam [Beefy]

Bring the slaughter to the lamb [Grayman]

Than stop him if our data's sham [Beefy]

Like we didn't do with 'Nam. [Stacy Alexander]

Contributors: Stacy Alexander, melinda, E Greejius, harry, fester, Apsley, Katy, Grayman, Beefy, perry, Jeannie Boniecki.
Poem finished: 30th January 2003.