The Spoonbill Generator

Remembrance of Things Pasteurised

The year was but a few weeks old [TG]

The day a paltry hour [Roland]

When she whom I should not have sold [P]

Unwilting, like a flower [Roland]

For a purse of traitor's gold [P]

Submitted to the power [Roland]

Then she cursed my date of birth [P]

The letters of my name [Roland]

The hour I'd risen from the earth [TG]

Myself, my sire, my dame [Roland]

She cursed until her throat was raw [TG]

And I lay reeling on the floor [Roland]

The place was but a few leagues East [TG]

By any mortal map [Roland]

When, tracking the daemonic beast, [TG]

I had a slight mishap: [Roland]

I ate a pound of brewer's yeast [TG]

Within a mildewed bap [Roland]

Then my poor digestive tract [TG]

Perplexed by such a load [Roland]

Disgorged a mighty cataract [TG]

I yelped, "I shall explode!" [Roland]

I could not eat for thirty days [TG]

And fed myself by 'other ways' ... [Roland]

The pit was but a metre deep [TG]

Below the forest floor [Roland]

When she, who should have been asleep [TG]

A thousand nights and more [Roland]

To wait the crowning of the sheep [TG]

Awoke, to general awe: [Roland]

"Then she must be made our Queen!" [TG]

The general cry arose [Roland]

She answered with an phrase obscene [TG]

And struck a whorish pose [Roland]

She brought the monarchy to dust [TG]

Sequestered in that pit of lust! [Roland]

The ship was but a distant smudge [TG]

Beyond the distant coast [Roland]

When she whom wild nags could not budge [TG]

At last gave up the ghost [Roland]

And rose on high to meet her judge [TG]

With this peculiar boast: [Roland]

"I'm fitter far to rule than you [TG]

In Heaven or in Hell [Roland]

You buried me; I rose anew [TG]

To sound your final knell [Roland]

She waved her hand, reset the game [TG]

Now each of us must take the blame! [Roland]


Contributors: TG, Roland, P, Anon..
Poem finished: 29th January 2003.