The Spoonbill Generator

Beyond Bursting-Point

I walk a mile each day before my tea [dkb]

That's half a mile each way, you understand [Armful]

To snag a dime bag (and some contraband) [Barrymore's Ghost]

It's the finest in the land [Stacy Alexander]

From here to smugglers cove and back [keith c]

Is quite a merry stretch of boggy ground [Apsley]

Which we must cross at night (without a sound) [fester]

There are hummocks all around [dkb]

The pathway twines and twists between the dunes [Beefy]

Where lovers pet and thrust as they may choose [Apsley]

Their passions fuelled by lust (and lots of booze) [fester]

Failing to remove their shoes [Beefy]

The grunts and the moans help drown out our groans [fester]

At tidings in the dreary Morning News [Apsley]

Which we read on the dunes (if we so choose) [fester]

To escaoe hangovers and ma in laws droans [keith c]

I blow a hardy trumpet to be a swallow [albert]

(There's nothing more that I can really add) [fester]

Which keeps me out doors (it isn't so bad) [Beefy]

Where I've gone totally mad... [Anon.]

The seagulls duck and weave, with plangent shrieks; [E Greejius]

That's shrieks, not shrikes, I'm sure you realise [Beefy]

Which you are certain to do do (if you're wise) [fester]

Without much counsel from the Ancient Greeks. [E Greejius]

Contributors: dkb, Armful, Barrymore's Ghost, Stacy Alexander, keith c, Apsley, fester, Beefy, albert, Anon., E Greejius.
Poem finished: 25th January 2003.