The Spoonbill Generator

Fauré, Mendacious In Cairo,

Less than catarrh [Roland]

They came from afar [fester]

Baring remarkable gifts; [dkb]

A reversible bra, [fester]

An inflatable car [P]

Thirty-two miniature lifts. [dkb]

Stronger than pus [Roland]

Is the 83 bus [Apsley]

With its incredible sounds; [dkb]

An intenselely loud hush, [fester]

A piano to crush - [dkb]

And thirty-two barking hounds [fester]

One lonely night [melinda]

They gathered around [Stacy Alexander]

The campfire for they were astounded [keith c]

At how the rhyme scheme [dkb]

Had started to seem [Grayman]

32 ways from confounded [Apsley]

One sunny day [Beefy]

I blew them away [Apsley]

With my ukelele recital [Grayman]

With a "Callooh" and "Callay!" [Barrymore's Ghost]

And sounds of Garfield in the alley [justme]

Burping [Grayman]

Far from the thong [Armful]

That's slung from my schlong [Barrymore's Ghost]

Bearing remarkable fruits; [fester]

A rusty old gong [Beefy]

A skip and a song [Grayman]

And thirty-two pairs of boots [fester]

Sweeter than wine [Beefy]

Is Seven of Nine [fester]

The porter whines [Stacy Alexander]

Blast these damn rhymes [keith c]

Which stick in my chimes [Apsley]

Oh, for thirty-two Sevens of Nines! [Grayman]

Fiercer than bees [fester]

Are ma's knobbly knees [keith c]

Bearing most horrible warts [fester]

So slap on some cheese [Beefy]

To feed all ma's fleas - [fester]

It'll wean her off dodgy Black Arts! [E Greejius]

Contributors: Roland, fester, dkb, P, Apsley, melinda, Stacy Alexander, keith c, Grayman, Beefy, Barrymore's Ghost, justme, Armful, E Greejius.
Poem finished: 23rd January 2003.