The Spoonbill Generator

With Alewife Entwined

'My suspenders came from France...', the naughty minx confessed, [Apsley]

As she oiled the massive mammaries exploding from her chest, [fester]

They were so large, they were so grand, [Stacy Alexander]

That I had trouble controlling the movements of my hand [fester]

And so, I'm sure, you'll understand that what I did was best [Beefy]

I grasped my mighty cleaver in my sweaty, shaking fist [fester]

T'was twice the size of Kansas and thicker than your wrist! [Stacy Alexander]

I grasped it, then, but could not lift [Apsley]

The massive weight was far too big for my poor frame to shift [fester]

And so, I'm sure, you'll understand my slightly starboard list [Beefy]

'My silk Teddy comes from China...' she pouted as she said [fester]

She shook her ample booty and headed for the bed, [Blushing Alexander]

Enraged with lust, I bit my fist: [Apsley]

I crept towards her nervously - and then I boldy kissed [fester]

And so, I'm sure, you'll understand just why my face is red [Beefy]

Contributors: Apsley, fester, Stacy Alexander, Beefy, Blushing Alexander.
Poem finished: 10th January 2003.