The Spoonbill Generator

Unknown Railway Station Blues

Pimrod was a snappy lad, [Stacy Alexander]

A snappy lad was he [Beefy]

He came from stony Vinograd [Apsley]

With a swarm of killer bees [fester]

Our Pimrod was a dancer [Stacy Alexander]

On pointed toes all ten [Apsley]

He pranced around old Vinograd [Stacy Alexander]

And pranced right back again [Beefy]

When Pimrod went 'a calling [Stacy Alexander]

The neighbours were aghast [Beefy]

His manners were appalling [Stacy Alexander]

He always finished last! [Apsley]

The bees looked after Primrod [fester]

They fed him honey comb [Stacy Alexander]

And if he was a little sod [fester]

They sent him off back home [Apsley]

When Primrod joined the army [fester]

They issued him a gun [Beefy]

And, because he was quite barmy, [fester]

He shot his own firm bum! [Stacy Alexander]

Contributors: Stacy Alexander, Beefy, Apsley, fester.
Poem finished: 9th January 2003.