The Spoonbill Generator

Please Not Sideways, Arabella

Dreary as a paper towel [Roland]

As it sops a soggy spill; [dkb]

Bleary as a new-born fowl [Roland]

Eerie as a whipoorwill [Beefy]

Is the kith of Bronco Bill [Apsley]

Blurry as a drunkard's gaze [Beefy]

When beholding Oscar Wilde [Apsley]

Furry as a bear, amazed [fester]

The thought does make me smile [Stacy Alexander]

Although I'm not a child [Apsley]

Dumber than a box of hair [Stacy Alexander]

Fluffy on a barber's floor; [dkb]

Number than an icy stair [Beefy]

Slumber in clean underwear [dkb]

Till we hear the tiger's roar [Beefy]

Contributors: Roland, dkb, Beefy, Apsley, fester, Stacy Alexander.
Poem finished: 8th January 2003.