The Spoonbill Generator

Xenophobic Popping

Bisexual biplanes bifurcating [Carl Marks]

Season's Greetings, one and all! [dkb]

now let's do some lubricating [keith c]

Before another empire falls! [Stacy Alexander]

For empires they just come and go [keith c]

Like pigeons to the roost [Stacy Alexander]

who's many eggs are incubating [keith c]

While mum birds read their Proust [Stacy Alexander]

Reading Marcel, this is no joust [keith c purton]

By literary means birds are seduced, [Stacy Alexander]

they read so hard their eggs reduced [keith c]

But still, better than reading Faust. [Carl Marks]

Their nests on Nelson's hat they make [keith c]

A roller with a brim, [Stacy Alexander]

hopefully nelson will not take, [melinda c]

My hat to Leeds with him. [Stacy Alexander]

Will he go by train or biplane [keith c]

By bike, by car, by fish? [Stacy Alexander]

If I could, I'd lend him my plane [Beefy]

To fulfill his fondest wish. [Stacy Alexander]

but you know the underground [keith c purton]

It is beneath the earth [Stacy Alexander]

A simple truth I've always found [Beefy]

Is that you'll never get a berth [keith c]

Contributors: Carl Marks, dkb, keith c, Stacy Alexander, keith c purton, melinda c, Beefy.
Poem finished: 4th January 2003.