The Spoonbill Generator

Alexandrian Wish Warrior

Upon a star I wished one day [keith c]

For fifty dancing trogs [Stacy Alexander]

but their feet were made of clay [keith c]

The whole scene was rather cache` [Stacy Alexander]

These dancing trogs wore wooden clogs [keith c]

One for every toe [Stacy Alexander]

so up the mountain they could slog [keith c]

Though still they fell apart in bogs. [Carl Marks]

Waterlogged clogs on sodden trogs [keith c]

Made them look like fish [Stacy Alexander]

why, oh why did i have to make that wish? [Anon.]

It is a rather awful dish! [Stacy Alexander]

To have to eat with sodden clogged feet [keith c]

Is not defined as a special treat [Stacy Alexander]

But give me just a yuletide log [Beefy]

just enough to warm my dog [keith c]

Contributors: keith c, Stacy Alexander, Carl Marks, Anon., Beefy.
Poem finished: 2nd January 2003.