The Spoonbill Generator

Lincoln's Curry Riders

The plenitude of earthly thoughts [Apsley]

Is quite beyond my ken [dkb]

Who tinkers thus with fancy stuff [Stacy Alexander]

Meets his come-uppance soon enough. [dkb]

The destitute end up in court [fester]

With barristers and thieves, [Stacy Alexander]

Although, perhaps, they little ought [Apsley]

Be seen about to sneeze [Stacy Alexander]

They stifle coughs in linen print [Apsley]

And scratch because of fleas. [fester]

Vacuity's as good as food [Apsley]

The barrister did say, [Will]

Those tinkers can eat mud and fluff [fester]

But I can never get enough [Apsley]

Caviar with which to stuff [fester]

The briefs that do me pay [Apsley]

Vacuuming? I'm not in the mood [fester]

For sucking up old dross! [Apsley]

Who hoovers up time's detritus [fester]

Is really a little Titus! [Apsley]

The prostitution rests its case [fester]

Upon a lectern dusty [dkb]

(They never seem to clean this place [fester]

And leave it always rusty) [Apsley]

And yet voir dire is quite pristine [Stacy Alexander]

Though meter's shot to hell. [Carl Marks]

The rhyme is borderline obscene [Grayman]

I'll end it then, oh...well... [Stacy Alexander]

Contributors: Apsley, dkb, Stacy Alexander, fester, Will, Carl Marks, Grayman.
Poem finished: 24th December 2002.