The Spoonbill Generator

Knowing About Astromancy

My new Gemini space-craft leaks [Apsley]

Every time the Captain speaks [Stacy Alexander]

His voice is not the loudest kind, [Apsley]

Nor the softest that one finds, [Stacy Alexander]

But still, to him I plight my troth [dkb]

But slowly like the lowly sloth, [Stacy Alexander]

As upside down we crawl along [dkb]

This may be right - it might be wrong. [Stacy Alexander]

A billion million zillion stars [Carl Marks]

Flare about us as we pass [dkb]

Into regions void and dim [Apsley]

Through the silence, me and him. [dkb]

We are not lovers, you must know, [Apsley]

I'm too fast and he's too slow [Stacy Alexander]

Round and round the globe we spin [dkb]

Only Zeus knows where we'll end [Stacy Alexander]

In our game of cosmic gin [Apsley]

Of debauchery, dancing and outright sin [Stacy Alexander]

Interspersed with cups of tea [Beefy]

That Admiral Zog so kindly sends [Apsley]

(He does know how to treat his friends) [dkb]

And this is where this story ends. [Stacy Alexander]

Contributors: Apsley, Stacy Alexander, dkb, Carl Marks, Beefy.
Poem finished: 5th December 2002.