The Spoonbill Generator

Phenomenology for Carrots

My philosophy is very clear [fester]

I shall not move: I'm staying here. [dkb]

I'm staying here. I will not go. [fester]

And that is all, my students, you need know. [dkb]

I will not budge, won't move an inch [Stacy Alexander]

Not even if you gave me a very large and ripe avocado to pinch. [Apsley]

Not even if you said "Come for a beer!" [fester]

To this very patch of ground I would adhere. [Apsley]

I'll stick like glue to this one place [fester]

O,no I won't - I'm off to space! [Apsley]

I'm off to space! With alien friends! [fester]

Tune in next week to see how it ends [Beefy]

Contributors: fester, dkb, Stacy Alexander, Apsley, Beefy.
Poem finished: 28th November 2002.