The Spoonbill Generator

Lechery's Not a Primary Foodstuff

Some alphabetty spaghetti [Carl Marks]

Plopped plumb atop our Freddie [Stacy Alexander]

And on Betty and her Yeti [fester]

Oh! How we roared! [Beefy]

A snooty cutie's tutti frutti [fester]

Sprinkled on good Harold's flute-y, [Stacy Alexander]

Makes young Betty shake her booty [fester]

Let us applaud! [dkb]

There goes a plate o' potatoes [fester]

Sliced by Tim's apparatus [dkb]

Bringing a standing ovation [fester]

To the so bored [Apsley]

Tubs of utterly butterly [fester]

Appear here quite suddenly [Stacy Alexander]

Unutterably buttery [fester]

A golden hoard! [dkb]

Contributors: Carl Marks, Stacy Alexander, fester, Beefy, dkb, Apsley.
Poem finished: 27th November 2002.