The Spoonbill Generator

On Undies

Quality control for underwear, [Stacy Alexander]

Supplied at cost to those who care, [Apsley]

About their knickers - red or green, [Stacy Alexander]

Both of which are quite obscene. [Apsley]

"And why is that?" you may inquire, [fester]

Sitting by a cosy fire, [Apsley]

"Do they expose what they should not? [fester]

Are they the size of a small dot?" [Apsley]

Are your briefs tight, your knickers spare? [Stacy Alexander]

Try to tell me, if you dare - [Apsley]

But, as your slippers have caught flame, [fester]

You say instead a short rude name! [Apsley]

Curs-ed wench! or ugly shrew, [Stacy Alexander]

Might be me or describe you: [Apsley]

words well spoken, these things are true. [Stacy Alexander]

But these words you still shall rue. [Carl Marks]

Our undergarb ranks high, you see, [Stacy Alexander]

So it shall not be breezy [Apsley]

Because they stretch from chest to knee [Grayman]

Like eggs done over easy [fez]

Contributors: Stacy Alexander, Apsley, fester, Carl Marks, Grayman, fez.
Poem finished: 25th November 2002.