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Lent Spent in Clapton

Canons to the right of me, and deacons to the left [Beefy]

Blushing nuns in front of me, [Stacy Alexander]

Who stand aghast to see the prelate so bereft [Apsley]

Of vestments, that in panties [fester]

(Upping all the antes) [E Greejius]

Oh, really can't be... [Stacy Alexander]

But who might take a view? No warp? No weft? [E Greejius]

Penguins to left of me, and egrets to the right, [Stacy Alexander]

Stuck in the middle with you. [E Greejius]

Could this be a rare fowl blight? [Stacy Alexander]

I doubt it with a vengeance, [Apsley]

Because, here at the entrance [fester]

Of the civic town zoo, [Apsley]

We've got a penguin barbecue tonight. [fest]

The savory feathered black and white delight! [Stacy Alexander]

Canned nuns to the left of me, and tinned nuns to the right [fester]

Metal sisters all about, [Stacy Alexander]

Who stand aghast to see the primate so contrite [fester]

And flying nuns all taking flight, [Stacy Alexander]

There's nun so blind as without sight [Anon.]

You are, my friend, exactly right. [Stacy Alexander]

And here's the moral of our tale: [fester]

Don't go dancing with a whale, [Apsley]

Because I fear that if you do, [Stacy Alexander]

That whale'll be the death of you. [Apsley]

Contributors: Beefy, Stacy Alexander, Apsley, fester, E Greejius, fest, Anon..
Poem finished: 23rd November 2002.