The Spoonbill Generator

Britney's in Purdah

When poets strive against the muse [Apsley]

It hardly ever makes the news - [fester]

Yet prelates who subvert their creed [Roland]

To meet some vile, perverted need [fester]

To show the world their ignorance, [Stacy Alexander]

Should they compel such cognisance? [E Greejius]

When politicians state their views [Stacy Alexander]

My anger's dull slow-burning fuse [E Greejius]

Is grounded in their lying ruse [Stacy Alexander]

While rancid precepts suppurate. [E Greejius]

Assigned by fate to relegate, [Stacy Alexander]

We do our vote then abnegate... [Apsley]

When Britney strives to sing a song [fester]

It hardly ever comes out wrong [loaf]

Yet choristers quite often search [fester]

For benison from Charlotte Church [loaf]

Before they ever sing a note [fester]

She slings a radish down her throat [Apsley]

When politicians say they're wrong [fester]

A hidden motive is their song, [Stacy Alexander]

For, when they recant in a church, [fester]

Old Britney's strivings make them lurch: [Apsley]

Before she walks upon the stage [Stacy Alexander]

Down her throat goes a large greengage [fester]

Contributors: Apsley, fester, Roland, Stacy Alexander, E Greejius, loaf.
Poem finished: 21st November 2002.