The Spoonbill Generator

My No Nonsense Dream

A Roland and an Oliver! [fester]

Too stout to comb the skies! [Roland]

They stand there like to elephants [fester]

With jewel-encrusted thighs [Roland]

Roland blows his horn Olivant [fester]

To make the skies resound [Beefy]

The veins are pulsing in his neck [Roland]

And tremors in the ground [fester]

Remind the traitor Ganelon [Roland]

That Charlemagne's army comes [fester]

to capture all the minstrels [Stacy Alexander]

Except those playing drums [fester]

Oliver with a minstrel! [Stacy Alexander]

A minstrel stout as he! [fester]

They stand there like twin towers, [Stacy Alexander]

A sight no man should see [Beefy]

As Oliver's great hordes roll on [dkb]

To massacre and death [spaceman's]

They marched to Heights most Golan [Carl Marks]

solely fueled on crystal meth. [kidlacan]

Oliver wore his fearsome garters [Carl Marks]

And terrified his foes [kidlacan]

By taking them off, for starters [Carl Marks]

To make them suck his toes. [kidlacan.]

For Oliver had a foot fetish, [Carl Marks]

Insatiable was he. [kidlacan]

From his tent could often be heard strange sounds [Carl Marks]

Lord, what fools these mortals be! [Stacy Alexander]

His largest toe was oversized, [jamesy]

His small one was pointed [Stacy Alexander]

The ones between were painted green, [kidlacan]

His forehead was anointed [Stacy Alexander]

With a glyph of ancient portent [Carl Marks]

It granted powers vast [Anon.]

as those possessed by Hortense! [Stacy Alexander]

A chocolate Bath Oliver [Beefy]

to honon thee! [Stacy Alexander]

A cheese Roland a pint [fester]

wibble [Grayman]

wobble [fester]

THE END! [Stacy Alexander]

ENVOI: [E Greejius]

Contributors: fester, Roland, Beefy, Stacy Alexander, dkb, spaceman's, Carl Marks, kidlacan, kidlacan., jamesy, Anon., Grayman, E Greejius.
Poem finished: 19th November 2002.