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Earthenware Thinkers

Behold her single in the field [(trad)]

A sausage yellow she did wield [Carl Marks]

for helmet, an erlenmeyer flask, [kidlacan]

On her face, a Disraeli mask. [Carl Marks]

O maiden fair! that you should fight [kidlacan]

With valor great this winter night! [Carl Marks]

To rib her cerecloth in the obscure grave, [Stacy Alexander]

Would be a passion that I could save. [Apsley]

As evening draws a parting breathe [jamesy]

Like the thief at point of death [Stacy Alexander]

We cannot spell, we cannot spell [Carl Marks]

Our fighter's speech is shot to hell. [kidlacan]

So let us take our timely leave, [Stacy Alexander]

From Chaucer's knight, if not his reeve, [Apsley]

And heed us now our lessons learned, [Stacy Alexander]

Which, in this wise, will soon be burned. [Apsley]

Contributors: (trad), Carl Marks, kidlacan, Stacy Alexander, Apsley, jamesy.
Poem finished: 18th November 2002.