The Spoonbill Generator

A Fourth Shortcake Detector

Continuous as the sharks that dine [Roland]

On your remains (or are they mine?) [P]

He waits for her with hope sublime [Stacy Alexander]

To hire the Polish pantomime [Apsley]

For Lent [Beefy]

He does dote upon - as male he can - [Apsley]

Pink the meat, we call spam [Anon.]

He buys it from a Turk named Sam [Stacy Alexander]

Who gets it from an old Imam [Beefy]

In Ghent [Apsley]

How curious, you may choose to think [Jamesy]

He only writes with amber ink [Stacy Alexander]

As his wife mulls around the local precinct [jamesy]

Without a hint of taint or tinct [Apsley]

Or Dent [Stacy Alexander]

His innocence is of a kind [Apsley]

That stems from rather simple minds [Stacy Alexander]

Who never feel the least inclined [dkb]

To let themselves a jot unwind [Apsley]

Repent! [Stacy Alexander]

He likes to fondle, in the dark, [Apsley]

The spam from Sam, the Turkish clerk, [dkb]

For, shunning daylight's tawdry spark, [Apsley]

The undead frolic in the park [fester]

Just went... [Apsley]

Contributors: Roland, P, Stacy Alexander, Apsley, Beefy, Anon., Jamesy, jamesy, dkb, fester.
Poem finished: 12th November 2002.