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Surlaw Sha'n't Contribute Veterinary Vouchers

Perhaps I'm not so odd [Surlaw]

Although a vicious sod [Apsley]

With few redeeming signs [Surlaw]

But a heart that never tires [Apsley]

Of life between the lines [Surlaw]

Where the engine's weary fires [Apsley]

All gutter in the glow [Surlaw]

Send a sheen upon the snow [Apsley]

With few redeeming flames [Surlaw]

To greet the cheery morn [Apsley]

With quite insulting names [Shipp]

To paralyse the dawn [Surlaw]

But, then again, I'm strange [Apsley]

My visage lined with mange [posing]

And other signs of age [Shipp]

And alcohol abuse [Apsley]

And bouts of helpless rage [Surlaw]

- But here is my excuse: [Shipp]

I heard the song they played [Apsley]

And drank their lemonade [Surlaw]

Yet, though their song sang me, [Apsley]

And made me their refrain [Surlaw]

I thought that I never could be [Apsley]

No should be so again [Surlaw]

Contributors: Surlaw, Apsley, Shipp, posing.
Poem finished: 6th November 2002.