The Spoonbill Generator

Queen Adelaide's Shapely Bozos

Twas' once the perfect time for wrath, [Stacy Alexander]

Apsotrophes at ends of words [Apsley]

Turn pedants into visigoths [Beefy]

And raw eggs into birds [Stacy Alexander]

Or so the learned cripple said [Apsley]

As he stirred his slurried curds. [Barrymore's Ghost]

That time is past, or so we think, [Apsley]

For teaching camels how to drink - [fester]

Just let them die upon the dunes [Apsley]

Whilst we dine upon macaroons [fester]

For see! The earnest cripple waits [dkb]

For our crumbs, and salivates. [fester]

The time is coming, darkly swift, [dkb]

When pelicans must learn to lift [fester]

The commas from their dusty graves [Apsley]

And come after the lusty knaves [fester]

Who wear pink-and-white-striped skirts [Apsley]

And live alone in seaside caves [Stacy Alexander]

Contributors: Stacy Alexander, Apsley, Beefy, Barrymore's Ghost, fester, dkb.
Poem finished: 5th November 2002.