The Spoonbill Generator

A Virgin's Twelve Testicles

Such a vile winter! Warm in nooks [Roland]

Frosty in the hinterland [E Greejius]

As described in great books [Stacy Alexander]

Like "Alice in Winterland" [fester]

Foggy each morning, steaming breath [P]

Misty in the Neatherlands [Stacy Alexander]

As described at great length [fester]

In brochures from Leatherland [dkb]

Such a terse verse! Sharp in puns [Stacy Alexander]

Difficult to understand [dkb]

As described, it harbingers [fester]

Of Doomdsay in Sunderland [Beefy]

Groggy at dawning, seeming death [Stacy Alexander]

Sleepy, still in wonderland, [fester]

As described in "Macbeth" [Beefy]

Foul deeds and underhand [Grayman]

Such a horrid bird! The penguin [fester]

Sauntering wildly about [Stacy Alexander]

You can't desribe its ponging [fester]

Upon its mother's breast [Stacy Alexander]

Frightful on rising, in the nest, [fester]

Admirably sanguine [Grayman]

In his nun-like attire [Stacy Alexander]

Contributors: Roland, E Greejius, Stacy Alexander, fester, P, dkb, Beefy, Grayman.
Poem finished: 1st November 2002.