The Spoonbill Generator

Cedric the Waitress

A notorious threnody pleases [Apsley]

The minds of goat and gull [Surlaw]

Mightily, yet with no apolomb [Apsley]

The denizens of Mull [Shipp]

(Who have their own Bomb) [Apsley]

And devotees of Jesus [Surlaw]

For his potent divinity seizes [Apsley]

The schemes of thought so dull [Surlaw]

That they merit not Old Tom [Apsley]

Should ennervate his skull [Shipp]

Or boil the intercom [Surlaw]

And devotees of Jesus [Apsley]

To incinerate infidels' visas [Surlaw]

Who stray on the road into Hull [Apsley]

Fleeing from the next pogrom [Surlaw]

And dreading yet the lull [Apsley]

'til they fathom the CDRom [Surlaw]

For devotees of Jesus [Shipp]

Contributors: Apsley, Surlaw, Shipp.
Poem finished: 29th October 2002.