The Spoonbill Generator

Dali's Baby Next Time

The vandal! I dread [Roland]

Dim grey destinies [E Greejius]

Sullen retreats [Roland]

Grotesque engorged epiphanies [E Greejius]

Buffet the head [Roland]

Distend my moribund viscera [E Greejius]

Testes and teats [Roland]

Infuse my anatomical caldera [E Greejius]

The candle has bled [Roland]

The soft fob watch has drooped [E Greejius]

slow surreal time [Stacy Alexander]

Salvador Dali is pooped [Barrymores Ghost]

Who was it said [P]

Was easily duped [Stacy Alexander]

By some bread on his head? [fester]

Baguettes and buns [Stacy Alexander]

Oh dear! What a mess! [fester]

Chancy preterition, [Stacy Alexander]

Nevertheless [dkb]

Onwards we ride to perdition! [Beefy]

Where we shall find, [Stacy Alexander]

With Salvador Dali's permission, [fester]

The candelabra of the mind [Beefy]

Contributors: Roland, E Greejius, Stacy Alexander, Barrymores Ghost, P, fester, dkb, Beefy.
Poem finished: 29th October 2002.