The Spoonbill Generator

Only if the Circle Turns

Such a cruel summer! On cool heaths [E Greejius]

Our shepherdess repines [Roland]

Mapping her pastoral whims [E Greejius]

on memories of lavender fields and wheat [Stacy Alexander]

Such a mean winter! On the hot beach [fester]

Our soothsayer reclines [Stacy Alexander]

Mopping up buckets of Pimms [fester]

With mint sprigs and ice, and small slices of peach [dkb]

So awful a spring! On frozen feet [fester]

Our skater must glide [Stacy Alexander]

Mopingly, as the light dims [fester]

And haltingly, the glowering clouds retreat [dkb]

And the autumn! Worst of all, [Stacy Alexander]

Our sweetheart, so refined [dkb]

Waxing the hair on her limbs [fester]

And counting the days until the runes repeat [Beefy]

Contributors: E Greejius, Roland, Stacy Alexander, fester, dkb, Beefy.
Poem finished: 28th October 2002.