The Spoonbill Generator

Nonsense Sharpens Your Refrain

Hearlding a century of filth and gore, [Apsley]

Not like the twenty that we'd suffered before, [Roland]

Came a bloody soldier and a cheap crack whore, [fester]

Hold out for less! Hold out for more! [loaf]

The future's not a place that needs [P]

Screaming flags nor a palace that bleeds [Roland]

Neither desperate acts nor infamous deeds [fester]

More of the t-shirts! Less of the tweeds! [p]

A future purged of bomb and gun [loaf]

Is more the mortal's rule of thumb [Stacy Alexander]

Depriving squaddies of their fun [fester]

Up with the skirts! Down with the scum! [loaf]

Contributors: Apsley, Roland, fester, loaf, P, p, Stacy Alexander.
Poem finished: 15th October 2002.