The Spoonbill Generator

Chaos Theory Disproved

Carp for breakfast, hake for tea: [Apsley]

Nothing else makes sense to me [Surlaw]

Bacon sizzling, lizards wait - [Apsley]

Everyone's first choice for bait [Surlaw]

Dung aplenty - dive right in! [Apsley]

First the bones, and next the skin! [Surlaw]

Eat your fill, cram wide the mouth! [Apsley]

Swallow East, North, West and South [Surlaw]

Apple crumble? Rhubarb tart? [Apsley]

Appetite or apple-cart? [Surlaw]

Fish aplenty, swimming so deep [Apsley]

Some in dreams and some asleep [Surlaw]

Haddock sandwich, crab surprise... [Apsley]

Down the hatch, between the eyes [Surlaw]

Glutton luncheon, dinner cramming: [Apsley]

Mutton punching, sinner damning [Surlaw]

Contributors: Apsley, Surlaw.
Poem finished: 10th October 2002.