The Spoonbill Generator

This Lunch-Box of Fate

When toast-eating poets have eaten their fill [P]

And gelded each pantomime horse [Roland]

When they've torn down the tramshed which houses the still [P]

And shown not a shred of remorse [Roland]

Then tolls the bell [Apsley]

When Adam and Eve, in one ill-fitting gown [Roland]

Have shattered their suitcase of doom [Apsley]

When they've argued the apple and talked the tree down [loaf]

And sent the snake up to his room [fester]

Then opens Hell [P]

But when, on an evening so placid and pale [Roland]

The hurricane sweeps from the North [Apsley]

When the houses are humbled, and torn every sail [Roland]

And only a fool sallies forth [fester]

Then cracks the shell [Roland]

When romantic murderers strangle your friends [fester]

Before the dessert has been finished [loaf]

When the mob tears down transoms in search of amends [Beefy]

And the wealth of the world is diminished [Roland]

There is a smell [Apsley]

Envoi [Anon.]

Thus, when the sky winds down [Roland]

The narrow lanes of this old town, [Apsley]

It's best to be a clown [loaf]

Contributors: P, Roland, Apsley, loaf, fester, Beefy, Anon..
Poem finished: 3rd October 2002.