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Aldershot's Unhappy History of Gardening Compromises

Mine is not a ranicd bun, served steaming on a plate, [Apsley]

Nor yet the dancing filigree that figures one of eight [loaf]

But charms not yet the sense, for I am born of royal stock [Apsley]

Untimely ripped, and started by the stopping of the clock [Roland]

Or so say those who hate the King who hates himself indeed [Apsley]

And strews the woodland wayside with his suppurating seed [loaf]

But those who hate the King themselves are utterly reviled [P]

By the burghes of Old Winchester, on whom the heathen smiled, [Apsley]

When he came up from Southampton to kill the evil child [fester]

But stayed his hand when first he saw the maenads running wild [Beefy]

Or so say those who loathe the Queen who hates herself by rote [Roland]

And instead of leaving England, sailed to France in a boat [fester]

But kings and queens, what do they know of hatred or of greed? [P]

Who can fathom hunger if there's nothing that they need? [Roland]

Though Kings do need lots of subjects, for they are born to rule [fester]

It's rare to find a specimen who isn't just a fool [Roland]

And queens are just as stupid, though it may be some have charm [P]

But still we bow and curtsey and declare "God bless you, Ma'am!" [fester]

Contributors: Apsley, loaf, Roland, P, fester, Beefy.
Poem finished: 3rd October 2002.