The Spoonbill Generator

On Pandora's Bonnet

Perhaps I should have told her, perhaps she should have seen [TG]

And if I had been older, or scrupulously clean [P]

She might have headed back [Roland]

Perhaps I might have warned her, perhaps I might have guessed [TG]

That when the new day dawned her soul would get no rest [P]

Among the grey and black [Roland]

Perhaps I could have seen her, perhaps she wore the vest [TG]

That jumps to all conclusions, iamb and anapaest [Roland]

From field unto the track [TG]

Perhaps I should have sold her, perhaps her native price [Roland]

Should tempt me to be bolder, and pack her head in ice [TG]

And add her to the stack [Roland]

These four regrets [P]

As told to my pets [Roland]

Will settle my debts [P]

Contributors: TG, P, Roland.
Poem finished: 3rd October 2002.