The Spoonbill Generator

Conference for Solo Banjo

I sent a parcel trhough the post? [Apsley]

Of half-eaten bread sticks [Tel]

(Half-eaten sideways, you comprehend) [Apsley]

I sent Marcel a pot of glue [fester]

In a brown leather wrapper [Apsley]

(Brown leather sideways, you understand) [fester]

I scent a castle in the air [Beefy]

On an island made of clouds [fester]

(It smells of Irish beef, I maintain) [Apsley]

I centre Darcey Bussel's pumps [toolkit]

On cushions soft and fat and free [Apsley]

(They smell of Irish beef, I believe) [fester]

Ascend the rascal's winding stair [Beefy]

Through a maze of rubber filth [Apsley]

(It's rubber filth, sideways, that I smell) [fester]

I censor Pascal's final thoughts [Beefy]

With erasers made in Spain [Apsley]

(They're made in Spain, sideways, I believe) [fester]

Contributors: Apsley, Tel, fester, Beefy, toolkit.
Poem finished: 1st October 2002.