The Spoonbill Generator

By Any Drowned Pavilion

Guacamole, whose brindled haunch [Roland]

With pastry bronzed was decorated, [Apsley]

Fiery, lacking leotard [Roland]

(For so 'twas adumbrated) [fester]

It pranced and jingled on the launch [Apsley]

That spun its arc through clouds of morning [Roland]

To the first cameleopard [Apsley]

Whose loins no truth were spawning [Roland]

Upon its mighty paunch - [Apsley]

Further, then, and frequently [loaf]

And much faster than is wise, as well, [fester]

Spacious as a pelican [Roland]

(Despite its quite disgusting smell) [fester]

It capered through digestive tracts [Roland]

Amongst entrails endlessly entwined [fester]

In things not un-American [Apsley]

Too subtle for the mind [Roland]

And so, because, was consequently [Apsley]

Set upon a stony path [fester]

Bedevilled by the stinging ants [Beefy]

That haunt the elephants [Apsley]

(All wearing nice, clean underpants) [fester]

I thought, at once, of sunny Bath [Apsley]

Which never takes a train or steamer [fester]

That comes from Froztsy stony Hants [Apsley]

But just sits like a dreamer [fester]

Atop the glowing hearth [Beefy]

Contributors: Roland, Apsley, fester, loaf, Beefy.
Poem finished: 28th September 2002.