The Spoonbill Generator

Anniversary Epithets (if any)

August the eighth, Oh August the eighth [TG]

Often omitted, in error [Roland]

From the calendars used by werewolf and wraith [P]

And other exponents of terror [Roland]

For the eight of the eighth has a terrible weight [P]

As shewn in the songs of Tom Lehrer [Roland]

Waterloo Bridge, Oh Waterloo Bridge [TG]

Haunted by Terry and Julie [Roland]

Who should have been dunked in the Thames, in a fridge [TG]

For behaviour both rude and unruly [P]

But when we approached them, they slunk off and hid [TG]

In a nauseous cloud of patchouli [P]

Contributors: TG, Roland, P.
Poem finished: 20th September 2002.