The Spoonbill Generator

Frau Jung Was My Mainstay

Donkey shot, the French would call it [TG]

Servants to a higher power [Roland]

Sanctioning what might befall it [TG]

Every hour, on the hour [Roland]

Tilting like the Tower of Pisa [TG]

(eighteenth wonder of the world) [Roland]

Around my ankle tightly curled [P]

From Godalming to Gizeh [Roland]

Pancho Stanza, true companion [P]

On the road to Mandalay [Roland]

Leads us through the hidden canyon [P]

That the silent trees betray [Roland]

Winking at his master's folly [TG]

As the ivy slowly crept [Roland]

And the nodding donkey slept [TG]

With dreams of Mr Polly [P]

Contributors: TG, Roland, P.
Poem finished: 30th August 2002.