The Spoonbill Generator

Artem and I

Accipiters offend her by slaying unborn lepus [Glider]

and yet the soft smell of gorgonzola returns me.. [Paulo Costa]

Anamnesis, Marcels' madeleine [Glider]

lionized by fragrant riposts [Zontar]

Accept it or defend her by saving untorn letters [Beefy]

you galumphing, sadistic riboflavin! [Zontar]

Nor marmosets nor titmice shall we wed [Beefy]

Although we may indulge ourselves in a little light frottage [Glider]

Accuse the Pope of excommunicating certain sorts of lettuce [P]

and then he pulled lemons from his pants [Devin Kendig]

and threw them at Jesse James's ghost wearing a frying pan in heat. [zontar]

From Aeschylus to the aesculaceous in a few short hops [Glider]

A cop-out if ever I encountered such a thing [Beefy]

And with that he decided to stick to nonsense and limerick from here on in [Glider]

Contributors: Glider, Paulo Costa, Zontar, Beefy, P, Devin Kendig, zontar.
Poem finished: 30th August 2002.