The Spoonbill Generator

Another Hairless Igloo Objects

Replace mine injured planet [Roland]

With a dish of rice [Apsley]

It's how the Lord began it [Beefy]

With a terraform device [Glider]

Plus two bowls of custard [Apsley]

Though one would have sufficed [fester]

Return mine injured ferret [Beefy]

With a rabbit's eye [fester]

It's hard to see the merit [Beefy]

Of a ferret, by-the-by, [fester]

Unless you want to wear it [Glider]

Or bake it in a pie [fester]

Reject mine injured earring [Apsley]

With a begging bowl [Glider]

Or something less endearing [P]

Which has crawled out of a hole [fester]

Into a bright clearing [Apsley]

Beyond the southern Pole [baguette]

Repair mine injured cooking [fester]

while stoats dance in the nude [zontar]

There's surely no harm looking [Beefy]

up the sphincters of the crude [Zontar]

It staves off double-booking [Beefy]

And prevents us being booed [P]

Contributors: Roland, Apsley, Beefy, Glider, fester, P, baguette, zontar, Zontar.
Poem finished: 24th August 2002.