The Spoonbill Generator

The Obverse Equivalent

The dark cathedral shivers [Roland]

Misshapen, elemental forms traverse the spotlit clearing [Glider]

In which the candles' pallor [loaf]

Warms fifty chickens' livers [Apsley]

Which we'll pound into a potion to help the hard of hearing [Beefy]

and give the caitiff valour [Glider]

For such is our vocation [Apsley]

Apothecary to the legion of the lost and misbegotten [Glider]

Who never reached Valhalla [fester]

But underwent stagnation [Beefy]

Something here in Denmark is really rather rotten [Glider]

Sang Manuel da Falla ... [petit pain]

Contributors: Roland, Glider, loaf, Apsley, Beefy, fester, petit pain.
Poem finished: 21st August 2002.