The Spoonbill Generator

Behind Beelzebub's Backyard

'Make mine mink,' said the Minotaur [Roland]

Puffing out its chest as the quarry grew closer [TG]

Whistling the theme from Allegro Barbarosa [Roland]

And scraping runic patterns on the well-worn floor [TG]

'Strike me pink,' was the virgin's cry [Roland]

Shuffling her feet as her suitor sang sonnets [TG]

Pulling at the plumes of her two best bonnets [Roland]

And greeting all advances with a well-formed sigh [TG]

'Drawn a blank' said the portraitist [Roland]

Huffing on the paint as his subject turned over [TG]

Looking for repeats showing Anna Kournikova [Roland]

And rubbing out the etchings with a well-wrung wrist [TG]

Contributors: Roland, TG.
Poem finished: 6th August 2002.