The Spoonbill Generator

Cheese Isn't For Funny Ladies

Penumbral vision [P]

Black as a cloud [Roland]

Suns' circumcision [Glider]

Bullied and cowed [Roland]

By surgeon's incision [Apsley]

Nasal disorder [Roland]

In serried ranks [Apsley]

mutant, marauder [Roland]

Seemingly Manx [Beefy]

Or north of the border [roland]

Portrait of Stalin [Apsley]

Singing in French [Roland]

Catching a marlin [Beefy]

Watching a wench [Roland]

Hideous and snarlin' [Apsley]

Hasta la vista [loaf]

Cry wolf no more [Beefy]

Cry for your sister [Roland]

Send for a whore [Beefy]

Without blemish or blister [Glider]

Contributors: P, Roland, Glider, Apsley, Beefy, roland, loaf.
Poem finished: 2nd August 2002.